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Starship Captains

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Hailing all Starship Captains! Get ready to boldly embark on a maiden voyage through the cosmos! Explore a galaxy full of dangerous pirates and interplanetary missions, as you manage, train, and promote your crew to improve their diverse skills. Then harness the power of cool alien technology to help your crew tackle goofy missions through the stars and beyond. Welcome aboard and congrats on the promotion! Your “new” starship is ready to embark on its first big voyage. Just scrape off some of the rust and she’ll do fine. And that crew? Might look a little green around the edges, but they’re your crew now. Make us proud. The stars are calling, and adventure awaits! Settle into the captain’s chair of your very first star cruiser and get ready to embark on an exciting voyage through the depths of space in this euro-style action selection and engine building game for 2-4 players. The vibrant galaxy holds many peculiar mysteries to explore and uncover! Skillfully manage your team of cadets, ensigns, androids, and officers to make the most of their unique abilities—all while balancing essential ship roles, completing unique missions, and upgrading your ship with powerful engine-building alien technology. Do you have what it takes to deftly command your crew and become the best captain in the cosmos? We’ll see. Now go—boldly! -Manage a diverse crew of cadets, ensigns, androids, and officers—each with different special roles and capabilities. -Earn medals to promote and train your crew for even greater effectiveness. -Explore an ever-shifting galaxy full of dangerous pirates and interplanetary missions. -Upgrade your ship with powerful engine building technology for maximum synergy. -Boost your reputation with three distinct galactic factions for bountiful rewards. Components -4 dual layer player boards -Main star map board -Faction tracks -Missions deck -Technology deck -Miniatures -Reference cards -Scorepad -Tokens 25 min/player 2–4 players 12+ Designer: Peter B. Hoffgaard


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  • OBS! Samtliga figurer, terräng etc levereras omålade om inget annat anges. (gäller ej tryckta komponenter till brädspel)