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River Expansion - Bends (10-15 eller 25-35 mm skala)

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includes three fully-painted River Bend Sections, one packet of Green Grass GF9 StaticGrass & one packet of Meadow Blend GF9 Static Grass. Water features have played a major part in battles throughout history. Both streams and mighty rivers are natural obstacles that are sure to influence the strategy of any commander intent on victory. Battlefield in a Box provides everything you need to construct your battlefield, at all scales of gaming. Combine this set with the others from the list below to build more complex waterways. Included in the box: • 3x River Bend sections. • 1x Packet of GFS001 Green Grass GF9 Grass. • 1x Packet of GFS017 Meadow Blend GF9 Grass. Suitable for use with 10 - 15mm and 25mm - 35mm figure scales.


Artnr: BB514
Lagerstatus: 2st


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