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AT-43: ONI ARMY BOOK English edition) (Wave 15)

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The Army Book : ONI is a supplement for AT-43, a pre-assembled and pre-painted sci-fi miniatures game. The Army Book contains everything you need to know about how to play with or battle against the ONI corporation: • The history of the ONI corporation, its corporate culture and the planets it controls; • Rules for ONI’s three factions: MercForce, Research & Destruction and Voodoo SWAT; • The background and rules regarding ONI’s three heroes: Byron Samedi, John Priest and Natalya “Bokor” Bokov; • ONI’s infantry and vehicle game rules; • Revelations into the secrets ONI corporation holds and the menace they represent to AT-43’s galaxy.


Artnr: UKONAT43
Lagerstatus: 1


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