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.45 Adventure: The Gargoyle- Death Soldiers of the Jade Hood

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The Gargoyle: Death Soldiers of the Jade Hood is the third supplement to the .45 Adventure rules and covers rules for campaigns and experience for your pulp heroes and villains. This supplement explains how to set up your campaign, what you should do in advance, and even how to use minimal scenics to create a series of games. It also provides new archetypes, new abilities, and expanded rules to allow more than just combat to occur in each game. There is also a nine-part campaign game where the outcome of each chapter effects what happens in the next one. Can the Gargoyle and his compatriots, along with the New Commerce police force, stop the Jade Hood and his mad plans to enslave the citizens of the city? You will also get background material on the city of New Commerce to help you plan your own campaign in the home city of The Gargoyle and the Jade Hood! 84 Pages


Artnr: RAT-PHG45A005
Lagerstatus: I lager: 1 st


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