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OverDrive (2021)

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OverDrive is the new super - charged arena sports game from Mantic Games. Set in the futuristic, Warpath Universe, OverDrive is a fast-paced two-player game that pits teams of larger than life ‘giants’ against each other in a series of brutal game modes. From capturing the flag to passing the bomb, no two games of OverDrive will ever play quite the same.


OverDrive features an exciting drafting mechanic that means you never quite know what Players you’ll have on your team each game. Take it in turns to choose the Players you want in your roster to create your dream team befornicke heading into the arena. Advanced drafting rules open up even more tactics as both Coaches vie for their favourites!


Learn to play in no-time, thanks to simple pick up and play rules. With just a few actions to learn before you can start Slamming your opponents, OverDrive is incredibly easy to get started. However, with a few games under your belt, you’ll quickly realise there are hidden tactics and gameplay elements. Learn the best time to push your Players or make sure your Players are in the right position to avoid potentially deadly Slams. Easy to learn but difficult to master!


OverDrive features an innovative tug of war scoring system that means the lead can quickly pass between Coaches. A good turn can mean you’re suddenly back in the game, while poor tactics can give your opponent the edge.


After learning the basic ‘king of the hill’ game mode, it’s time to get to grips with five more action-packed ways to play. That’s right, it’s like six different games in one! Included in the box set, you’ll find rules for:

King of Hill – standard game mode
Pass the Bomb – avoid the bomb at all costs!
Capture the Flag – make sure your team is holding the objective at the end of the turn
Killing Streak – who can knock out the most opponents?
Invade – occupy your opponent’s half… but be careful not to leave yourself open to attack
DodgeBrawl – knock out your opponent with the deadly dodgeball


Are the best Coach the galaxy has ever seen? League Play gives you the tools to create your own Coach, learn new abilities and earn lucrative sponsorship deals. Make use of Player keywords to bring out the best in your team and adapt your play style to suit the scenario.


1x PVC Plastic Karadon
1x PVC Plastic Brank Reborn
1x PVC Plastic Skarathron
1x PVC Plastic Synechdoche
1x PVC Plastic Dozer
1x PVC Plastic The Spawn
6 Player Cards
6x Tri-Hex Bases
12x Six sided dice
56-page Rulebook
63 tokens
Game board

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.


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