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Hex-Hex XL Card Game

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Deviously Simple. Delightfully Mean-Spirited. Wickedly Fast-Paced. And Bigger and Better than Ever! HEX-HEX is a fast-playing, stand-alone card game where players hurl Hex after Hex around the table, constantly redirecting, deflecting, and altering the Hex's power until finally someone runs out of options and becomes HEXED. This new, larger core edition is designed to replace both the 1.5 base game and Hex-Hex Next, and features a streamlined deck of 150 cards taking the 'best of' cards from both sets. In addition, the game includes two variants (Hex-Hex Vexed & Hexen Stix) with new cards, tokens, and five wooden obelisks to support them.
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Artnr: IMP SND0004
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