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Cookie Fu: Battle Royale

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After many long years, the Grandmaster returns at last to instruct a new batch of students in the Way of the Cookie. Rival clans must unite as forces of the Dark Cookie assemble on the fringes of the mythical land of Fu. Only the best and bravest warriors can earn the title of "Fu Fighter" in hopes to defeat Bok Choy's army of faceless mooks, demons, and ghosts. The Chocolate Ox, Vanilla Hare, and Coconut Monkey are the first three who step forward to battle this menace that threatens the land! Cookie Fu: Battle Royale comes packed in a mini take-out pail and features one Chocolate Ox Clan Pack, one Vanilla Hare Clan Pack, and two Booster Packs - that's a total of 18 dice, four cookies, and two rule menus all for a very tasty price!


Artnr: IMP BKA2010
Lagerstatus: Lagervara, tillfälligt slut.


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