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NEST BOX: BLACK/GREEN - Dragon Shield Storage Box

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Saturion Ascendant #3 Captain Jace screamed as his ship cracked in two. He caught glimpses of the dragon as it erupted from the Black Ocean, although “dragon” seemed too tame a word for it. Vast forests, upside down waterfalls, and mountain ranges spread across Rodinion’s back. Volcanoes erupted near the front and tundras peppered the opposite end. The man in black, his lone passenger, hovered where the bowsprit had been, black smoke wafting off his legs and gathering underneath. In the center of Rodinion’s neck, a hidden city thrived. Saturion turned to black smoke and took to the sky, leaving his chartered ship and crew to die. The Dragon Shield’s Nest and Nest+ Deck Boxes offer high-end deck protection with a simple design and strong magnetic seal. Each Nest and Nest+ has a black exterior and classy colored interior fabric. Nest+ Deck Boxes also include a removable dice tray. Piece all 8 product packages together to discover different parts of the story, “Saturion Ascendant,” to discover the origins of the Nest. As safe as a dragon’s nest. • Extra durable deck box capable of holding 100+ double sleeved cards. • Slick black exterior with classic interior colors. As durable as dragons’ nests. • Customizable assembly.
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Lagerstatus: 1


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