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Imaginarium is a game of laughably ludicrous adventure. Each player has a character with four Specialities like The ancient and dreaded Amish Torture Cart, Frying pan of ever-so-gentle bludgeoning, and Tickle tickle! You use these Specialities to get past challenges such as facing a Squeaky-Voiced Minotaur in Hell's Gay Bar or helping a Skeleton Mariachi Band in the Toxic Swamp. Unlike most games where you would face these challenges with specific rules for things like movement and combat, this is a game of imagination. You and your teammates use your Specialities to create a plan and tell a story. The Game Master will award you a number of dice based on how detailed, imaginative and humorous your story is. You then use those dice to try and defeate the challenge. So warm up your imaginations, because this is no ordinary adventure game! CONTENTS: •54 cards •10 6-sided dice •1 20-sided die •4 red crystals •Rules •Box
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Artnr: AMDIMA01
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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