Machine-gun Platoon

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includes one Command Pistol team, four Machine-gun Sections, one Small three-hole base, four Medium four-hole bases & one Base plug sprue. If there is one weapon that the British infantryman trusts more than his 303, it is the Vickers machine gun. The modern Vickers is a symbol of British industry. Sturdy, with a tripod for accuracy and water-cooled for sustained fire, it is supremely reliable. An example of this reliability took place in August 1916. When, during a twelve hour span ten Vickers machine-gun of the British 100th Company of the Machine Gun Corps fired continuously without a single failure or stoppage. Over a millions rounds were fired with the guns consuming one hundred replacement barrels and every drop of water in the immediate area. The Vickers dominates the battlefield, warding off German attacks, and providing a tremendous base of fire for our men to advance under.


Artnr: GBR704
Lagerstatus: 1


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