Olive Trees

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The gnarled olive tree looks especially good as a single tree on your gaming board. The tree is extremely decorative and can be used in many ways. It does not matter if you prefer historical wars, fantastic battles or pirates. Olive trees are found mainly in the Mediterranean region. They can be found both in plantations and as exposed individual trees. The olive tree (Olea europaea), also called True Olive Tree, is a medium sized, gnarled tree. The tree belongs to the genus of olive trees (Olea). It belongs to the family Oleaceae (Oleaceae). It is cultivated as a crop since the 4th millennium BC. The olive tree grows in all areas around the Mediterranean and in part also on the Black Sea, which do not have extreme climatic conditions. It can withstand high heat. But he suffers slightly by frost in cold winters. Whereby not only the harvest of individual years, but the inventory of entire plantations is threatened..
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