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Blood, Guts & Glory (100 Pages) (LATE)

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Tanks Battles in The Lorraine, September 1944 - January 1945 “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men." — General George S Patton Jr. It’s September 1944 and the Allies have stormed across France all along the front lines from Belgium to the French region of the Lorraine. Patton’s unstoppable Third Army is poised to strike into Germany itself, with the hard-charging 4th Armored Division in the lead. Nothing, it seemed, stood in the division’s way as it pressed on. However, the Germans still had fight in them. Four of Hitler’s brand new Panzer Brigades, specifcally crafted from lessons learned on the Soviet front, were diverted to meet the Americans in the Lorraine. The brigades were given all of Germany’s latest weapons from Panther tanks to assault rifles and more. The heavily armed units were ready to counterattack! The two forces clashed east of the city of Nancy at a quiet farming village called Arracourt. The battlefield was ideal for a tank battle. The rolling fields and small villages played host to over 450 American and German tanks as they fought one of the largest battles of World War II. US Army Lists in Blood, Guts, & Glory Tankers and Armored Doughs of the hard-charging 4th Armored Division have been charging down the retreating German army since July 1944. No opposition is too tough for the citizen solider army of the USA! This book allows you to field the following US forces: - Tank Company - Tank Company. - Armoured Rifle Company - Mechanised Company. - Tank Destroyer Company - Mechanised Company. German Army Lists in Blood, Guts, & Glory The new Panzer Brigades are armed with the best equipment available. They are poised to cut off the US Third Army in one concerted attack that will demonstrate Germany still has fight left! This book allows you to field the following German forces: - FHH Panzerkompanie - Tank Company. - FHH Panzersturmkompanie - Mechanised Company. - FHH Panzergrenadierkompanie - Mechanised Company. - Panzerkompanie - Tank Company. - Panzergrenadierkompanie - Infantry Company.


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