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The German book is loaded with new content. When we originally did the Germans, we had pretty limited space, so I chose the iconic forces to include. I always had the intention of expanding the Germans a lot, and with the invaluable help of Joe Abrisz, we were able to really go nuts with the weird and wonderful German Kampfgruppen in Holland. Hell’s Highway Forces The Fallschirmjäger The Fallschirmjäger have been updated and a few new options added, such as a Fallschirmjäger Scout Platoon, and a few other changes to the support platoons. The biggest change is that I separated the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment from the 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division, and renamed them Veteran Fallschirmjägerkompanie and Ersatz Fallschirmjägerkompanie, respectively. This was done to broaden their use to cover all of the various FJ units running around Holland. I’ve also made Von der Heydte and his Panzerfaust Trap teams available to the Trained FJ to better represent Kerutt’s training battalion, which actually used them (though they are still available to the 6FJR based on their actions in the Scheldt). 559. Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung The 559th Heavy Tank-hunter Battalion was in action along the Dutch-Belgian border and provided the bulk of the German tanks available along Hell’s Highway in the early days of Operation Market Garden. The company expands the single Jagdpanther support platoon available in Hell’s Highway. The battalion used StuGs to supplement the low numbers of Jagdpanthers, so players now have the option to take the smaller assault guns as well. KG Chill and the 59 Infanteriedivision Kampfgruppe Chill and the 59th Infantry helped secure the western side of Hell’s Highway. Both were instrumental in the counterattacks along the corridor. This adds a Grenadier and a Pionier company to the book. The Pionierkompanie has been designed to also allow players to field the Pionier-Lehr ‘Glosgau’ unit that was especially flown in to deal with the British paras in Oosterbeek. So that is why it will have some slightly different support options than the Grenadiers. Panzer Brigade 107 The brigade is one of the most anticipated forces in the book. We wanted to include it originally in the old books, but we also expected to release the Lorraine book to bridge the gap between Market Garden and the Bulge. Obviously, plans changed and Blood Guts and Glory was more sensibly linked to the latter campaign than Holland. So while working on this compilation, Panzerbrigade 107 was the first on the list to be included. After reading a bit more on the 107th, it was clear that these guys were actually quite a bit more gung-ho than their southern sector comrades. Their attacks along the corridor were fast, furious, and tenacious, leading me to rate them Confident Trained, rather than Reluctant. So players will now be able to rush Son Bridge or cause unnecessary damage to private property in Neuen with Panthers, Panzer IV(70)s and assault rifle-armed panzergrenadiers. Nijmegen Forces SS-Kampfgruppe Euling Euling’s defense of Nijmegen is legendary. His small battalion, reinforced by SS-Pioneers, Fallschirmjager, and other Luftwaffe troops, managed to hold off the US 82nd Airborne as well as the British Guards Armoured Division for several critical days. This force is a fortified company, organised around SS-Panzergrenadiers or SS-Panzerpioniers. You’ll be able to dig in your assault guns, set up some street barricades, and lay some mines to prepare for the inevitable Allied assault. Kampfgruppe von Furstenberg This force was purely added for flavour. Each of its platoons were already support platoons for something else, so it seemed to make sense to turn it into its own unit on the battlefield. Based on an Aufklarungs training and replacement battalion, the force features Confident Trained panzergrendiers, a few armoured half-tracks, and a solid artillery park. It’ll be a fun force to field for those who are completists like myself! Sperrverband Harzer
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