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Red Bear (LW Eastern Front Allies Compilation) 219 pages (Hardcover)

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Red Bear is our Allied volume. It contains the Soviet, Poles and Romanians. The Soviet forces cover everything from infantry to tank forces, with forces representing the regular Red Army troops as well as Guards forces. The backgrounds allow you to follow the success of the Red Army as they push the Germans and their minions back towards the Reich, reclaim their territory, and liberate Eastern Europe. Check out Red Bear in the online store here... Soviet New Stuff As well as the familiar forces from Stalin’s Onslaught, Hammer and Sickle, River of Heroes, Stalin’s Europe and Fortress Europe, Red Bear contains a number of new forces or previously Flames Of War website PDF forces. The first of these new forces is the Pulyemyetno-artillyeriyskiy Batalon (Machine-gun Artillery Battalion). This is a Soviet fortified company made of many weapons and few men designed for static defensive positions. Its Combat Companies are made up of MG teams, Maksim HMGs, anti-tank guns, anti-tank rifles and mortars with their own trenches and gun pits. They come with their own Artillery Group of 76mm ZIS-3 guns and can take obstacles to further hinder the enemy. Red Bear They also have rifle division infantry, artillery and assault gun support for the counterattack. The Peredovoye Otryad (Forward Detachment), which has previously been on the website as a PDF intelligence briefing, represents the ad hoc units put together to lead a Soviet advance. By forming a mixed all-arms formation the commander of a Peredovoye Otryad was able deal with whatever enemy they encountered, whether to breakthrough the line and lead the rest of parent unit forward, or to go around a strong enemy and lead the attack in a new direction. The force’s combat companies consist of one tank company and one infantry company. Additional tanks, infantry and artillery can be added to cater the force to your needs. Shturmovye Batalon Red Bear Despite its seemingly archaic origins the Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Polk (Guard Cossack Regiment) proved an important element in the success of the Red Army in 1944. Alongside the Tank and Mechanised Corps, the Cavalry Corps lead the way in the breakthrough and exploitation operations after the shock troops had busted through the Axis lines. The Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Polk includes mounted and dismounted cavalry troops with their own supporting tanks, artillery, mortars, machine-guns and anti-tank guns. They can also field Cossack Warrior Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev. This is a fast and aggressive infantry force! We have also added Legkiy Samokhodno-artillyeriyskiy Polk (Light Self-propelled Artillery Regiment). This allows the Soviet player to field SU-76M or SU-122 assault howitzers en masse. This makes an interesting alternative to the Tyazhelyy Samokhodno-artillyeriyskiy Polk (Heavy Self-propelled Artillery Regiment) with its heavy ISU assault guns. Another of the new forces in Red Bear is the Partizanskiy Brigada (Partisan Brigade). This force allows you to field Partisan guerrillas against German security forces. Partisans You can even have armoured and motorised support as the success of Operation Bagration breaks through on to the Partisans area of operations. In Red Bear you will find a selection of Warriors, some of which have undergone a review and have had new rules introduced. Hen and Chicks We have also introduced a new version of the Hen and Chicks Special Rule. The new rule reflects the actual tactics of Soviet armoured formations more smoothly. The new rule allows them to fire on the move, but they now get an addition +1 to the score required to hit. However, there is no such restriction to the tanks’ machine-guns. If the whole platoon (Soviet Company) remains stationary they fire as normal. The new Hen and Chicks rule gives them a little more firepower overall, so we have increased the points of Soviet tanks with ROF 2 or more. However, we have also recognised the penalty new rule has on ROF1 vehicles and they have come down


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