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Fortress Europe : January - August 1944

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It is time to update Festung Europa and bring it in line with the last two years of progression that intelligence handbooks have gone through. Enter: Fortress Europe! Fortress Europe contains the core forces that were in Festung Europa, but they have been given the modern equivalent of a makeover to bring them to that same standard as our current books. The first major change is the organisation diagrams for choosing your company have been changed to the new style. The second major change is that we have added in the new units that have appeared in all the handbooks from the last two years in their relative places. Now all the forces can use the new equipment, not just the divisions covered in the handbooks. The last major difference is that we have updated the Soviet section to bring it in line with the Eastern front books as you can see in Stalin’s Onslaught. Fortress Europe is a 160 page full colour book and will be the same price as Festung Europa. This makes it 12 pages larger than its predecessor. Due the extra space requirements from the new organisational charts, some of the lists from Festung Europa will be covered more completely in one of our future Divisional Handbooks, such as the Soviet Rota Razvedki which will be in our next Eastern Front book, Hammer and Sickle. If you keep an eye on our website you will also see some updated briefings from Festung Europa appearing over the next few months as well. Don’t worry if your favourite list is not in the new book. Fortress Europe does not replace Festung Europa but rather updates the lists within it. The forces in Festung Europa can still be fielded as valid Flames Of War forces so you are not forced to change anything should you not want to. It is simply a matter of making clear which book your force is from as it is either one or the other. Fortress Europe will be out in stores on Saturday 15 November and to celebrate its launch we are going to say thank you in the best way we know how to all of you who have been supporting and playing late-war for the last two years. With the release of Fortress Europe we will be offering Flames Of War enthusiasts who own a copy of Festung Europa a free book from the Normandy collection when they purchase a copy of Fortress Europe. This is our way of thanking you for choosing to update your copy and your continued support over the years. This offer is available till 31 December 2008 and to make sure you get the Divisional Handbook that you want, make sure you visit your friendly local gaming store and pre-order this week and pre-order your chosen Normandy book!


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