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Air elementals fly in swarms in the endless skies of their Realms. Known for their great vivacity, they are also famous for their unpredictable mood swings. To them, barriers have no meaning and the slightest constraint can be seen as a threat. Endowed with INI 7 and the “Flight” ability, the Air elemental opens the skies to the peoples deprived of flying creatures. In addition to the menace it represents, it has two special capacities: “Avatar of storms,” which allows it to protect its allies from enemy fire, and “Howling wind,” which gives it the “Ethereal” ability. The Air elemental is supplied with eight spells that can be used by magicians who master this Element. Among these is the one used to summon an Air elemental onto the battlefield. This blister pack includes 1 miniature and 8 cards: Air elemental (reference card), The Air elementals (explanatory card), Summoning of Air (spell, 50 A.P.), Primary attack of Air (spell, 5 A.P.), Hand of giants (spell, 20 A.P.), Breeze of invisibility (spell, 10 A.P.), Speed of the wind (spell, 10 A.P.), Source of Air (spell, 5 A.P.). Air elemental Rank: Elemental Irregular. 75 A.P.


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Lagerstatus: 1


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