No Quarter Magazine #8

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Engage in urban warfare in a city aflame! Isn't it time those uppity Sulese learned their place? Cygnar, Khador and Cryx think so. Bring down the walls of Sul in this 4-player Theater of War campaign for WARMACHINE. If you're the "burn them all and let Menoth sort them out" type, let's just say it's gonna be your kind of party. Paint cavalry WARMACHINE style Did you ever wish for a pony? Us neither. Except maybe an undead one with steam-powered necro-mechanical tubing and a pair of soul-rending blades.Who says wishes don't come true? HORDES Deadly Duos Ready for the new wave of warlocks to hit the tabletop? Learn how to totally own your opponents with our tactics guide for using the next wave of warlocks at the 1000 point level. And A Lot More Exemplar and Scutator classes for Full-Metal Fantasy role-playing. Building graveyard terrain, modeling an entirely distinct Knights Exemplar army, and the inside scoop about the Privateer Press paint line, Formula P3.
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