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At the signal of their officer the sels˙m kestrels rushed at the Akkyshans in scattered ranks. Each one had already marked his target and was concentrated on this only goal. The Cynwälls’ fast advance brought them into the battle like a gust of wind blowing through the forest while whistling. The breeze became a storm when they discharged their pistols just a few meters away from their opponents. Some finished off their victims with a shot to the heart. Others dodged the attacks of the furious widows to rush at their true goal: the witch who was leading the sinister sisterhood. The sels˙m kestrels are versatile and subtle: they are equipped with a helianthic pistol / STR 6, range 15-20-25, which, when combined with AIM 4 and the “Assault fire” ability, makes them the ideal troops for a rapid engagement (MOV 12.5). Once in contact with their enemy they use the “Feint” ability to neutralize their opponent and bring them to their mercy. This blister includes 3 miniatures and 1 card. Sels˙m kestrels Rank: Cynwäll Veteran. 25 A.P.


Artnr: CYTR02
Lagerstatus: 1


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