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Soïm Warned by the instinctive foresight that characterizes the true disciples of Noesis so well, Soïm dodged the silent and deadly attack of the two Akkyshan black widows at the last moment. A frantic dance then began. Blows were exchanged with amazing speed: the slightest mistake was synonymous with death. That’s when the equanimous warrior’s lance, guided with faultless precision, struck the first murderess in the throat. Endowed with Concentration/2 (INI, ATT, DEF and DIS) and Dodge, Soïm is a Warrior-monk Zealot who can take command of a Unit of equanimous warriors or attack the most formidable of foes on his own. His artifacts give him a varied choice of miracles. They also allow him to take several of them when the armies are being built and to modify his Aspect values (1/2/1). Soïm is supplied with a card that explains the special rules for the trihedral of KaÏber, the incredible team that he forms with Syd de Kaïber (CYCH 01) and Nelphaëll (CYCH 02). This blister includes 1 miniature and 7 cards: Soïm, equanimous warrior (reference card), The equanimous warriors (explanatory card), The Avenger’s Crest (artifact, 10 A.P.), Huante’s Prayer (artifact, 11 A.P.), Ring of the Dragon (communion, 20 A.P.), Intangible Truth (miracle, 16 A.P.), The Trihedron of Kaïber (explanatory card). Soïm, equanimous warrior Rank: Cynwäll Zealot 129 A.P.


Artnr: CYFI01
Lagerstatus: 1


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