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Conquest Tactics Starter Set

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For five hundred years, human civilization languished under the rule of the Kaborha, a society focused solely on honor, battle, and a tri-annual tournament for supremacy. Now a young hero has emerged, bringing hope of returning humanity to its former glory. But even as Humans rise up against their oppressors, a new threat has come to their world. The Malice - an interdimensional army of evil creatures - has descended upon the homeland of the Kaborha and Humans, lurching the Fire Continent out of a centuries-long stagnation and into war! Traditional ways will be broken and unlikely alliances formed to repel the oncoming evil. Only you have the power to determine the future of the Fire Continent and the world of Yen-Sen! Enter the world of Yen Sen in Conquest Tactics, the next evolution in strategic deck-building card games. Each Starter Set contains three, competing, 68-card Faction Decks (Humans, Kaborha, and Malice), a game board, an initiative token, counters, two tactical points indicators, four bonus cards, a rulebook, and a quickstart rules sheet.
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Artnr: ZEI 001
Lagerstatus: På väg in! Förboka gärna.


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