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Kolghor The Akkylannian detachment halted when they saw a heavy body tumbling down the snow-covered hillside. When it hit the ground, they all saw that it was about one of the praetorian guardsmen of convoy that had disappeared the day before. A gaping hole showed on his forehead. - It is Kolghor, says the leader of the conscripts. This cursed orc makes his sling whistle for too often lately. Right after he finished his sentence, the orcs began to attack. Presented in Cry Havoc 02, Kolghor is a Regular champion for the orcs of the Behemoth Mountains. With the ability Leardership / 10 and a strategic value of 65 A.P., he is an ideal character for skirmishes and tournament compositions. He can be equipped with The Sling of Elokani, an artifact which multiply the power of his sling by allowing him to shoot further, stronger and ignore obstacles. His hand-to-hand combat capacities should not be forgotten, since INI 4, ATT / STR 5/8 and DEF / RES 5/8 allow him to defeat easily most of his opponents. This blister pack presents 1 miniature and 3 cards: Kolghor ( reference card), The Sling of Elokani (artifact in 15 A.P.), The orcs of the Behemoth Mountains ( explanatory card) Kolghor Rank: Regular orc champion. Tribe of the Behemoth Mountains. 65 A.P.


Artnr: ORCH05
Lagerstatus: BESTÄLLNINGSVARA 1-2 veckor (förutsatt att grossist ej har slut)


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