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Battlefield Evolution Advanced Rulebook (English) (Hardcover)

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Welcome to the battlefield of the near future! Battlefield Evolution is a fast-paced and easy to learn miniatures game, with enough tactical depth to keep you hooked for years. You will command small forces based on real world armies of the near future, and attempt to overwhelm your opponents with tactical skill and a healthy dose of luck! Based on supposition and projection of real world armies in the near future, this game features new technologies that are just around the corner – you will be among the first to experience how such weapons and equipment can affect the modern battlefield from the point of view of a soldier. There are several different armies to collect, each with a wide range of units and tactical abilities This rulebook provides many advanced rules such as battles involving emplacements, air units, artillery, minefields, lots of new scenarios to test your tactical capabilities, army lists, and a complete campaign system.


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Lagerstatus: 1


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