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Battleground: Undead Reinforcements

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When you recruit your soldiers from your enemy dead, victory seems inevitable. Bring forth a swarm of horrors to terrify and destroy your enemies. Mindless Zombies, weapon-wielding Skeletons and hulking Abominations form the core of your undead army, but you also command Swarms of Rats and incredibly powerful Death Knights. Most Undead units are mindless automatons that automatically pass Rout checks, making it much easier for you to plan your strategy. To make things worse for your opponent, you can Reanimate damaged units, spending command actions to heal damage. Reinforcement Deck Advanced Rulebook Abomination (3) Death Knights (3) Ghoul Pack (4) Skeleton Bowmen (5) Skeleton Cavalry (4) Skeleton Horde (5) Skeleton Spearmen (4) Skeleton Trolls (3) Zombies (6) Zombie Trolls (3) Swarm of Rats (5) Giant Catapault (4)


Artnr: YMG007
Lagerstatus: 1


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