15mm small German Bunkers

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1 exposed "Tobruk" type Bunker - 32mm wide by 50mm deep (11/4"x 2") 1 buried "Tobruk" with tank turret - 32mm wide by 50mm deep (11/4"x 2") 1 fully concealed "Tobruk" - 25mm wide by 32mm deep (1" x 11/4") One of the most common type of German bunker, the small but very effective "Tobruk" were often used to protect larger installations or behind multiple lines of minefields, barbed wire and tank traps. Typically 3 or 4 would be placed so as to create a 'killing zone' and maximize enemy casualties while crossing the obstacles. The bunker was meant to be completely buried, leaving only the little door at the side exposed; quite often however there was not time to complete the work, and they would be hastly camouflaged and whenever possible hidden with vegetation. This set include a complete model, which you can use as it is, or partly cover it with sand dunes to the front if you want to use it in a landing scenario, or even incorporate in a larger scenic piece, with a trench leading to the door! You also get two "groundline" bunkers, which are fully buried leaving only the opening exposed, the entrance concealed. One of these has an old refurbished tank turret on it, the others have a deep hole in which you can put a firing figure if you like. Like alll our models these are historically accurate reproductions with plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting, and are made of tough POLYURETHANE. Supplied unpainted and without gun.


Artnr: 15025CM
Lagerstatus: Lagervara, tillfälligt slut.


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OBS! Samtliga figurer, terräng etc levereras omålade om inget annat anges. (gäller ej tryckta komponenter till brädspel)