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Ascension: Immortal Heroes Expansion

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The wicked flee and the brave rebuild, but there is no rest for the dead. Samael, in one final act of malice, has freed Kythis from his divine duties as Gatekeeper to the afterlife. Created by the other gods as a demigod of the abyss between life and death, Kythis now seeks to repay his creators for millennia of meaningless servitude, perverted with contempt for the other gods and their constant myopic bickering. For eons he has suffered the pitiful lamentations of the damned and the radiant hymns of the heroic, an immortal ferryman bound to the service of lesser beings while his immortal progenitors disdainfully squandered entire planes and peoples with their petty wars. But no longer. Samael is dead; the throne of Deofol stands empty, awaiting someone ambitious and powerful enough to seize it. Revenge upon the gods and mortals alike is within Kythis’ grasp – it is now or never. This is his chance at divine retribution, and he will annihilate everything that stands in his path! Wield the power of past heroes with new Soul Gem cards, and stop the rebel godling Kythis from fueling his mad ascent to godhood in Immortal Heroes! A stand-alone expansion for Ascension: Storm of Souls, Immortal Heroes introduces play elements for up to six players! The 69 new center deck cards feature tons of new Events and Trophy monsters introduced in Storm of Souls, as well as all-new cards for every faction. In addition, players will be able to tap into the power of Soul Gems - trapped souls of heroes from the past!
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Artnr: GGS 004
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