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COMMAND DECISION 3RD EDITION ''Take Command! Land combat in World War II was not simply tank duels, infantry skirmishes, or artillery barrages. It was a balanced symphony of all combat arms acting in concert. Command Decision lifts World War II miniatures combat above the skirmish level and recreates battles from the battalion to division level. The emphasis in the new 3rd edition remains on command-level decision making, rapid movement, and quickly developing tactical situations. Streamlined game mechanics speed the playing time, cutting typical turn lengths by as much as half, but without sacrificing the tactial detail or flavor Command Decision has always been known for. Technical Accuracy has been improved over previous editions with revised and expanded weapon charts and an extremely rigorous review and editing process. The result is the best version of Command Decision ever. Richer and more detailed, but at the same time easier and faster to play. Command Decision 3rd Edition is the new standard for modern land combat miniatures rules. Command Decision includes everything you need - except miniatures and an opponent - to begin refighting the famous battles of World War II: -Basic Rules: A 2 color 64 page booklet covering all the basics of land combat. -Advanced Rules, Scenarios and Campaigns: A 2-color 88 page booklet which expands the basic rules to cover air power, weather, night, amfibioius invasions, airborne assaults, and other special cases. There are also eight historical scenarios and a sample campaign - Operation Battleaxe. -Battalion Rules Summary: An 8-page folder which contains all the rules needed to start playing as a battalion commander. -Equimpent list & Game Organization Booklet: 18 pages listing hundreds of the vehicles and weapons of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, The United Kingdom, USA, and USSR rated in game terms. The equipment list is considerably expanded from the 2nd edition. As well 6-pages providing the most common combined arms division organizations of the major belligerents of World War II. (Armies of World War II, a more extensive listing of division organizations, is available separately.) -Reference Charts: All the charts and tables needed for play in one place. -Markers: One sheet of color die-cut game markers printed on both sides.


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