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Warpaints Fanatic Wargamers Paint Set (Release 29:e September 2024)

3899,00 kr SEK


Almost half of the Warpaints Fanatic range in one set! This set contains an
extensive collection of 102 x 18ml bottles of Warpaints Fanatic, along with a
highly-detailed dragon miniature by Archon Studio FOR FREE!
Featuring unparalleled coverage, intense pigmentation, and smooth application
while being incredibly easy to use, Warpaints Fanatic is perfect for painters of
all skill levels.
• 102 × 18 ml Warpaints Fanatic
• 1 × FREE Brush & Painting Guide
• 1 × FREE Miniature by Archon Studio

1x Matt Black
1x Uniform Grey
1x Grey Castle
1x Great Hall Grey
1x Brainmatter Beige
1x Matt White
1x Night Sky
1x Stratos Blue
1x Runic Cobalt
1x Triumphant Navy
1x Gothic Blue
1x Alpha Blue
1x Baron Blue
1x Regal Blue
1x Royal Blue
1x Arctic Gem
1x Deep Ocean Blue
1x Tidal Blue
1x Aegis Aqua
1x Deep Azure
1x Turquoise Siren
1x Aquamarine
1x Neptune Glow
1x Scarab Green
1x Temple Gate Teal
1x Aqua Alchemy
1x Guardian Green
1x Eternal Hunt
1x Ferocious Green
1x Emerald Forest
1x Leafy Green
1x Electric Lime
1x Afterglow
1x Evergreen Fog
1x Patagon Pine
1x Forest Faun
1x Tundra Taupe
1x Prairie Ochre
1x Woodland Camo
1x Camouflage Green
1x Olive Drab
1x Grotesque Green
1x Brigandine Brown
1x Bootstrap Brown
1x Leather Brown
1x Paratrooper Tan
1x Command Khaki
1x Urban Buff
1x Wasteland Clay
1x Barren Dune
1x Dusty Skull
1x Tomb King Tan
1x Skeleton Bone
1x Pale Sand
1x Demigod Flames
1x Warped Yellow
1x Space Dust
1x Burning Ore
1x Flickering Flame
1x Inner Light
1x Resplendent Red
1x Legendary Red
1x Violent Vermillion
1x Tree Ancient
1x Dryad Brown
1x Ruddy Umber
1x Dragon Red
1x Blood Chalice
1x Impish Rogue
1x Weird Elixir
1x Doomfire Drab
1x Terrestial Titan
1x Cultist Purple
1x Violet Coven
1x Diabolic Plum
1x Warlock Magenta
1x Enchanted Pink
1x Moldy Wine
1x Elder Flower
1x Figgy Pink
1x Agate Skin
1x Ruby Skin
1x Obsidian Skin
1x Mocca Skin
1x Tiger's Eye Skin
1x Jasper Skin
1x Light Tone
1x Sepia Tone
1x True Brass
1x Bright Gold
1x Mithril
1x Verdigris
1x Disgusting Slime
1x Dark Rust
1x Military Shade
1x Dark Skin Shade
1x True Copper
1x Gun Metal
1x Death Metal
1x Data System Glow
1x Warpaints Stabilizer
1x Warpaints Retarder


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