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WarCogs Token Set Necrotic Glow

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WarCogs token sets track a variety of effects and abilities for your characters, warbands and armies. Each token set contains two Lexicon cards to note which symbol corresponds to a spell or effect. The handy Melee Gauge easily slips into the swirling mass of combat to determine 1/2"" melee range for hand-to-hand fighting and 2""range for reach weapons. 4 Cog: Lightning Bolts 3 Cog: Skull 2 Cog: Fist 3 Cog: Gears 4 Cog: Vortex 2 Cog: Blaze 14 Energy 5 Knockdown 5 Disrupted 1 Melee Gauge template 2 Spell Lexicon cards These tokens are done in the incomparable Gale Force Nine style with a bright and vibrant color scheme. Each token is laser cut from durable clear acrylic plastic and backed with felt to protect your gaming surface and miniatures.


Artnr: GF950630
Lagerstatus: 1


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