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Triassic Terror Board Game

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Avoid extinction in Triassic Terror, as players establish and evolve herds of Herbivores and Sauropods, then migrate them across the four prehistoric landscapes, competing for the best habitats. In this highly interactive, strategic, and challenging game designed by Peter Hawes (War of the Roses), players compete for the best habitats in each of the four primeval environments - swamp, forest, desert and mountains. The better the habitat the more Victory Points (VP) you earn for occupying it. Ownership of a habitat goes to the player with the greatest number of Dinosaurs (Dinos) present, so the heart of the game is all about growing your herds, making new herds, and migrating your herds to new uninhabited lands with the best habitats. Competition for habitats is fierce and if outnumbered, your Dinos may become extinct! But, beware primeval dangers like the mighty T-Rex, marauding Velociraptors, swooping Pterodactyls, and erupting volcanoes!

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Artnr: FRD GG101407
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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