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SS Infanterie Platoon (EARLY, MIDDLE)

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includes one Command Rifle/MG team, one Light Mortar team, one Anti-tank Rifle team, four Infanterie Squads (two Rifle/MG teams per squad), three Small bases & eight Medium bases. Leibstandarte SS ‘Adolf Hitler’ had participated in the blitzkrieg of both Poland and France and was expanded from a regiment-sized unit to a strong brigade just before the invasion. The SS troops slowly pushed though the Mackay Force and soon the Germans were across the border. After the Klidi Pass, the British and Greeks fell back to Mount Olympus. As the Allies withdrew, Leibstandarteexploited an opening in the lines and cut off the Greek Eprius Army facing the Italians. A sharp fight erupted at the Kastoria Pass where the Greeks attempted to open up an escape route. The highly mobile SS troops quickly surrounded the Greeks. On 20 April General Georgios Tsolakoglou surrendered the Eprius Army to the SS.


Artnr: GE793
Lagerstatus: 4


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