Silver Bullet

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Lagerstatus: BESTÄLLNINGSVARA 2-3 veckor (förutsatt att grossist ej har slut)


A fast and engaging traditional card game with a werewolf twist!

Your village is overrun by savage werewolves, represented by the number on each of the cards that make up your village. To get rid of these fanged fiends faster than the neighboring villages, utilize your residents’ special abilities and your powerful secret weapon: Silver.

Call for a vote when you think you have the fewest werewolves, but be careful; everyone else gets one more turn to save their own village first…

Silver Bullet is the second stand-alone game in the Silver Series by Ted Alspach. This series of fast and engaging card games come with a memory and werewolf twist!

In Silver Bullet you'll find 14 all new roles and abilities - some of which will have you wreaking havoc on your opponents! Sometimes it's just too much fun to not mess with people and thats what the Thing (#8) does! This new card allows you to shuffle all of the face down cards in someone's village. Fear not! Luckily the Insomniac (#7) saw the whole thing and will let you look at all of your facedown cards. If you crave player interaction, Silver Bullet really hits the mark.

Combine with other Silver decks; each has unique abilities to combine with this deck or play as a stand-alone game. Each game in the Silver series comes with a GameTrayz® insert to help keep your cards sorted for when you decide to create that crazy custom deck!


Artnr: 810024460014
Lagerstatus: BESTÄLLNINGSVARA 2-3 veckor (förutsatt att grossist ej har slut)


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