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Shipwrights of the North Sea Redux

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Shipwrights of the North Sea: Redux is set in the early years of the Viking Age, circa 800 AD. As Viking shipwrights, players compete to construct the greatest fleet on the North Sea. Players must collect oak, wool, and iron, as well as getting other craftspeople on board to help. Gold is a precious commodity, and must be spent wisely. As you would expect, the township is filled with an array of characters, bad and worse. Better hope they’re on your side! Shipwrights of the North Sea: Redux is an entirely new game! While it shares a lot of thematic elements and player goals from the original, the core gameplay has been completely rebuilt to create an experience much more in line with what fans of Garphill Games have come to expect.


Artnr: 810011726475
Lagerstatus: I lager: 1 st


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