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Saga´s of ConQuest: SATOR

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In the Well of Sinners, inside the Ancient Library, heretical volumes are hidden: witchcraft and necromantic treatises, cursed books and unique cabala manuals, all written in forgotten languages. Every book has a specific location in the library. Every volume has been placed, following precise rituals, to prevent chaos from emerging from the Well. For many centuries, the Guardian has stopped the perpetual escape attempts of the damned souls by rotating the labyrinth, thus keeping intact the power of the volumes contained in it. Only the Guardian knows the precise rituals, and the exact position of every book. Only the Guardian knows the secret powers of Sator! SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS is the seal to stop the wind of the damned souls... But the Ancient Guardian is becoming older and weaker, and the damned souls in the Well of Sinners are taking advantage of this situation. Slowly, the wind of the damned souls is disbursing the SATOR books in the labyrinth, and opening a gateway to our world for these specters. The four Apprentices of the Ancient Guardian must attempt to recover the holy books. Each book contains one key to understanding the Guardians words of SATOR. Each Apprentice must find the books and use the keys to regain control over the labyrinth. The first Apprentice who recovers the four books entrusted to him by the Ancient Guardian will have access to the whole SATOR and become the new Guardian. 2-4 PLAYERS AGE 10 + TIME: 30-45 MIN.

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Artnr: SagasofConQuest
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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