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Root Exiles and Partisans Deck

119,00 kr SEK
Lagerstatus: Lagervara, tillfälligt slut.


Mix things up with an alternative deck of cards. This deck replaces the old deck and contains a fresh roster of special powers for players to craft, many based on the factions themselves. Frustrated by the Woodland Alliance's guerrilla tactics? Develop the ability to fight in the shadows yourself! But, be careful, many new powers come with new vulnerabilities.

Detta är ett supplement till brädspelet "Root" och kan ej spelas utan grundspelet.

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Artnr: 672975032029
Lagerstatus: Lagervara, tillfälligt slut.


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  • OBS! Samtliga figurer, terräng etc levereras omålade om inget annat anges. (gäller ej tryckta komponenter till brädspel)