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Reverse Charades

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Reverse Charades is a hilarious twist on the classic stand-by game you know — where one person acts out words for the team to guess (boring)! With Reverse Charades, your entire team has 60 seconds to act out as many words as one person can guess. You're guaranteed hours of fun with 720 wickedly hysterical words! It's fast-paced, fiercely fun team competition that's an absolute riot with families, work teams, school groups, party-goers or among a few close friends. But be warned... you're in for big and dangerous doses of fun! 1.Split into teams of three or more. Decide on a number of rounds or a point target to win. 2.1 word guessed correctly = 1 point. Each team has one minute to guess as many words as possible. 3.Each team selects a guesser (everyone gets a turn) and the rest of the team acts out the words. 4.Shhh! Not a peep among the team members. 5.Ready, set, go! Players: 6 or more Time: 30 minutes Ages: 6 and up Major Fun Award 2011


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Lagerstatus: 5


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