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Pirates of The South China Sea Booster

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The new standalone expansion for the amazing Pirates of the Spanish Main™ constructible strategy game™ is here: Pirates of the South China Seas™! Western powers are sailing the valuable waters of the South China Seas, and the Jade Rebellion opposes their imperialism! Gold, silk, and future riches are at stake as the Americans, English, French, and Spanish, battle each other and the Jade Rebellion for supremacy. This latest set contains new ship designs, including Chinese junks and Korean turtle ships! Each person can play from one affordably-priced Game Pack. Packs contain two ships, a crew or treasure card, a die, an island or terrain, and rules of play. Contents 2 sailing ships 1 treasure or crew card 1 cardboard island card 1 rules sheet 1 dice. (OBS! REGLER PÅ ENGELSKA)

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Artnr: WZK6079
Lagerstatus: 19


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