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Take command of a Nautilion submarine, control the changing tides, and put an end to the Darkhouse’s delusions of conquest before its destructive fleet enslaves the Happy Isles! The only way to stop this elusive vessel is to neutralize the Darkhouse, nestled at the bottom of the Abyss. You will need to gather a formidable crew to accomplish this heroic task.

-A great solo game with a cooperative mode.
-A unique take on the roll and move mechanism.
-Also includes 5 expansions.


-82 Tokens
-28 Cards
-3 Dice
-5 Boards
-7 Submarine figures
-1 Darkhouse figure
-1 Rulebook
-Includes 5 expansions

1-2 players
30 min


Artnr: ZMG49003
Lagerstatus: 2


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