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Moral Conflict 1941

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Gather Your Armies! Forge Alliances! Seize Power! In Playford Games' Moral Conflict 1941, two great alliances vie for control of the world through the strategic utilization of combat, diplomacy, resource management and control, advancement in technology and the arms race, and, ultimately, morality. First Dimension: The military war of armies, offensives, and great battles. Second Dimension: The diplomatic pressure to coerce neutral states into the conflict. The excitement of winning a new ally such as the Soviet Union, but also the pain when a trusted partner such as Italy changes sides. Third Dimension: The economic crisis, when critical resources such as oil and iron are in short supply. The price of war is constrasted with victory through economic growth. Forth Dimension: The race to develop new technologies and surprise your enemies; using weapons such as strategic bombers, jet aircraft, rocketry, or the atom bomb. Fifth Dimension: The moral desisions which shaped each nation's war conduct. Seizing power through extreme violence, destruction, and treachery, compared with close co-operation, trust, sharing, and even sacrifice in search for peace. When you master the complex interplay of all five dimensions, success is found in many different ways!

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Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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