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Metromania 2006

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Metromania is a game of placement and connexion which allow 2 to 4 players to build a subway network in always different cities. Each player builds 2 different subway lines, trying to go through the city and connect important places of housing, work, and leisures. After a construction phase, trip-tests verify the best and quickest lines. The mechanism is easy : at his turn, a player puts 3 line counters on the board. If his line meet another line, a station is built there. The subway network is developing this way. And because the grid of the board and the line counters are triangular, players have some real placement questions. The game is very interactive, with players trying sometimes to cooperate, sometimes to stop other lines. They also choose, during the construction phase, the start and the end of the final trip-tests. But it's never the same player who places both start and end... So they have to anticipate and guess with others.


Artnr: Metromania
Lagerstatus: 1


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