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Lords of Vegas

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Las Vegas. The Strip. To the untrained eye, it's a sleepy desert crossroads. A wasteland of cheap hotels, gas stations, and dust. But to you, it's Paradise! Your brilliant plan? Construct a magnificent chain of casinos and manufacture the ultimate dream of easy money and impossible luxury! But, you're not alone in this plan. Your rivals can build next door, and they just might take you over with a clever paint job or a lucky roll of the dice. Buy, sell, trade, and gamble your way to the top as you build your empire along the storied Strip. Roll the dice, and build your piece of Paradise! From award-winning game designers Mike Selinker and James Ernest comes this clever strategy game with all the thrills, risks, and rewards of the casino business. Number of players: 2-4 Playing time: 60 minutes Suggested minimum age: 10+ Mechanic: -Area control/Area influence -Dice rolling

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Artnr: MFG 4120
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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