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KeyForge Age of Ascension Starter Set

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The Power in Your Hands Beyond the cards themselves, you may notice other subtle differences in Age of Ascension, highlighted in the set’s new starter. The KeyForge: Age of Ascension Two-Player Starter Set features all the tools you need to either begin or expand your adventures on the Crucible, including two unique Age of Ascension Archon Decks, a Quickstart Rulebook, two paper poster playmats for easily organizing your play area, and all the keys, tokens, and chain trackers you and your opponent need to start playing. Unlike the Call of the Archons Starter Set, this set does not include two standardized learning decks, and you'll also discover that stun and increased power are now marked by tokens rather than status cards. Both the Call of the Archons Starter Set and the Age of Ascension Two-Player Starter Set provide excellent points of entry for new players, and as the game continues to grow, the power is with you to choose the option that’s right for you.

Gamemaniacs tipsar: KeyForge kan även spelas online, du behöver endast scanna din QR-kod på ditt ID-kort som ingår i varje singel-lek du köper.
Vill du ha tag på hela regelboken så hittar du den gratis på den officiella hemsidan nedan.

Officiella hemsidan för KeyForge-online: https://www.thecrucible.online/

Officiella hemsidan för KeyForge: https://www.keyforgegame.com/


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Lagerstatus: 3


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