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JUNTA (reprint 2005): The game of Power, Intrigue, Money and Revolution

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KABLAMO A fast spinning game of Russian roulette ''The story It’s the year 1918, and being part of the Russian nobility shortly after the revolution is no picnic. The Bolsheviks have confiscated your land and belongings, you risk ending up facing a firing squad for being an enemy of the state, and your fancy title is no more than an insult to most common people. There are a few upsides, though. Your noble friends in misery are now more than willing to try your own favorite version of the nation’s number one roulette game, and life couldn’t possibly get any worse. At least not for a short while… The plot Kablamo is a fast-spinning tactical board game of Russian roulette. The players, taking the roles of despondent Russian aristocrats after the Russian revolution, each start the game by filling an individual board game revolver with bullet tiles. Thereafter they simultaneously fire the bullets, chamber by chamber, from all revolvers and resolve them in order of initiative. Some bullets eliminate players from the game, but most of them allow players to manipulate the game in various ways such as moving bullets around between different revolvers. Once a bullet has been placed in a revolver, no one may look at it again, making Kablamo a game for players with good memory and improvisation skills. This also forces players to keep track of all the live bullets in the game since they constantly trade places in the game. In the end, the player who manages to dodge all live bullets and outwit every opponent will be victorious.''

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Lagerstatus: 3


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