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This multipart plastic kit builds one Knight Castellan, a titanic long range Lords of War choice for your Imperial Knights army – or a wandering Freeblade for other Imperium forces. This super-heavy walker is armed with a blast-unleashing plasma decimator, an armour-melting volcano lance, and an array of carapace-mounted meltaguns, shieldbreaker cannons, and missiles. The Knight Castellan makes a fantastic painting project and centrepiece, and offers a range of poses, face plates, and armour pieces, allowing you to create a truly unique engine of war. This kit can also be assembled as a Knight Valiant, as well as a Knight Tyrant for Chaos Knights.

This kit comprises 172 plastic components, and is supplied with a Citadel 170mm Oval Base. Also included is a Dominus transfer sheet, featuring heraldry for Imperial Knights.


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