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This multipart plastic kit builds two Armiger-class Knights – either Armiger Helverins or Armiger Warglaives. Armiger Helverins are a long-ranged Lords of War choice that can provide vital fire support to your Imperial Knights army – or be taken as a wandering Freeblade squadron for other Imperium forces. Armed with a pair of long-ranged autocannons and your choice of a carapace-mounted heavy stubber or meltagun, each Armiger Helverin can be further customised with a variety of articulated poses, armour plating, and six unique faceplates, with large carapaces making for a perfect painting project. This kit can also be assembled as a pair of War Dog Executioners or War Dog Huntsmen for Chaos Knights armies.

This kit comprises 148 plastic components, and is supplied with 2x Citadel 100mm Round Bases. Also included is an Armiger transfer sheet, featuring heraldry for Imperial Knights.


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