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Hull Breach: Corporate Wars

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Take To The Stars! Humanity took to the stars almost 500 years ago, and in that time mega-corporations have divided all humanity's wealth and power among themselves. Reaching out into the cosmos, humanity found an empty galaxy ripe for the taking! But those who have power always crave more, and three mega-corporations finally came to blows in a series of conflicts of unparalleled destruction. The wars are officially over, but there are still scores to be settled, power to be seized, and riches to be won. In Hull Breach!, a tactical, strategic, and operational game, lead your forces into battle as the commander of a Corporate-owned space station and drive your competitors out of your corner of space in your quest for galactic domination. Remember - everything has a price and rarely is that price too steep to pay for absolute power! The Corporate Wars aren't over - they've only just begun!

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Artnr: GBR 0024
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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