Honey Stuart (MIDDLE)

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includes one Honey Stuart with Tank Commander figure.

The Honey, as the British tankers in the desert called it, was a light tank of US design. It was the first American-built tank to see service with the British in the desert. 84 arrived in North Africa to be used by the 8th Army in July 1941. By November 163 were in service taking part in Operation Crusader.

It was well liked by its British crews; hence its nickname the ‘Honey’, as it was such a delight to drive! The British added a few improvements of their own, including sand-guards and occasionally extra fuel tanks for long-range work.

It was armed with the US 37mm gun and a co-axial machine-gun, though the British removed the remote driver controlled Sponson machine-guns as they proved in-effective, retaining only the hull MG.


Artnr: BR006
Lagerstatus: 2


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