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Hike Card Game

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Go for a trek, get lost on a trail, ride out avalanches, and always remember to watch out for Poop! There's no littering allowed in Hike, the fun, new card game where nature springs surprises and players battle for survival. Hike contains 80 nature-themed cards with seven suits and 10 specialty cards. Players receive seven cards at the beginning of each hand, and play one suited card or specialty card per turn. Specialty cards create twists and turns in the game and can be played on any card! Hike’s user-friendly design makes gameplay a cinch. A “Play” bar located at the bottom of the suited cards shows players which three suits can be played next. Players are knocked out of the hand when they cannot play a card. When that happens their leftover cards result in points for the winning hand. Players score points by outlasting the other players and having the fewest leftover cards. Points can also be scored by capturing “The Worm” with a “Bird” or planting a “Tree” in “Spring”. Hike is a great pastime for families, kids, and outdoor enthusiasts across the board. It encourages cognitive learning and teaches children about the great outdoors, since gameplay reflects the rules of nature.

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Artnr: MSG 003
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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