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Gunship: First Strike! Core Game

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Take command of a small group of warships in the middle of a raging civil war in Gunship: First Strike!, a tactical space combat game where players fight to win battles in a futuristic skirmish with a variety of ship types. From agile, speedy Fighters to versatile Gunships and powerful Assault Carriers, every battle is a well-balanced slugfest that comes right down to the wire! Powered by the Trinity Mechanic, Gunship: First Strike! utilizes a combination of boards, cards, and dice in an extremely innovative and easy-to-learn system that lets new players warp right into the conflict! The Core Game comes complete with: (158) Full-Color Cards (4) Gunship Boards (8) Gunship Wings (4) Squadron Boards (2) Carrier Boards (48) Fighter Tokens (12) Carrier Armor Tokens (3) Standard Dice (two 12-sided, one 8-sided) (4) Custom Engraved Battle Dice (6-sided) 20-Page Full-Color Rulebook 6-page Full-Color Rules Companion

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Artnr: EPG 001
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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