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Grossdeutschland at Stonne (ASL)

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GROSSDEUTSCHLAND AT STONNE 1940TM depicts the bitter battle for the crucial village of Stonne, and its dominating heights, during the battle of France, 1940. This is early war tank warfare with waves of B1 bis, H-39 and FCM 36 tanks sweeping into the village of Stonne with orders to force the issue and force the enemy back over the Meuse crossings. This all new edition comes with a fully remastered map, including new terrain changes, freshly researched on site. It also includes 16 scenarios and three campaign games, and an 8 page CG + VARIANT RULES booklet. In a retro touch, you also receive the very same 32 free bonus die-cut counters previously provided! HISTORICAL Battlefield MAPS are what CH is all about and GROSSDEUTSCHLAND AT STONNE 1940 continues that tradition in grand style. The game maps were created on-site by designer Pedro Ramis and the new edition of the map is 100% remastered, with additional terrain details not found in the previous version. Whats more, this new edition of our ASLComp Stonne 1940 VARIANT includes SIXTEEN all-new scenarios, plus THREE campaign games, more than twice the previous quantity. And all of the original scenarios have been re-worked, making this an extensive new France 1940 product that is a must-have for the ASLComp hobbyist. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of Croix de GuerreTM and Beyond ValorTM are required to use this product. Contains: 16 scenarios + ONE 8 page campaign and special rules booklet + one historical large hex map + 32 bonus free retro die cut counters (same counters are provided in the original stonne 1940 product).


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