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Great Western Trail New Zealand

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Heading out on the trail for one last time! You are now a runholder traveling the vast fields of New Zealand. This game will engage long-term fans and charm new ones with distinct mechanisms that blend perfectly. An epic conclusion to a great trilogy to include in your collection! Well-respected and talented designer Alexander Pfister did it again! Familiar gameplay in a new landscape with many strategies to explore creates a unique and engaging experience. New types of cards that are simple to manage while opening many ways to develop your strategy. An additional type of delivery: wool. A new type of worker: sheep shearer. Half of the neutral buildings will change at mid-game and give you new opportunities. Advancing on the pathfinder track will unlock movement speed, bonuses and victory points. A twist to the game ends mechanism combined with the new bonus tile market will streamline the upkeep. Ships traveling over a sea routes board let you build storehouses and widen your delivery options with different paths to follow. A new solo adversary to confront on the vast land of New Zealand Last but not least: Let’s welcome the baaing sounds of the sheep around the table!


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Lagerstatus: I lager: 1 st


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